1st Things 1st- Vapor Barrier is Where You Start

We are often asked when it comes to home energy efficiency, where one should start when analyzing their home.  Attic? Crawl Space? Windows?…..all important to saving energy.  But the answer is much simpler- you should start with a vapor barrier under your house!

95% of home maintenance issues are moisture related.  Moisture causes mold and mildew, wood rot, pest infiltration, and much more.  Often overlooked, the amount of water in the ground under your home can cause insulation to sag and fail, duct work to sweat and rust, and floor joists to crumble and rot. 

While ground vapor barriers have been an accepted practice for many years, the proper installation techniques have changed.  No longer is laying a 4mil poly over 80% of the ground acceptable.  100% coverage, sealed to the walls and piers, is now recognized as the proper way to install a vapor barrier under your home.  This “Sealed Poly” system should be at least 6 mil- many customers choosing to upgrade to 10 mil or greater.  A durable adhesive should be used when overlapping and sealing all joints in the poly system. 

The sealed poly system eliminates the majority of ground moisture located under your home.  The importance of a well insulated home can not be stressed enough.  However, when shopping for your energy efficient solutions, start with your vapor barrier.  It will add years to the life of your home, and help protect the investement you make in energy efficient upgrades.

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