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Creative Conservation Co. Inc. was founded March 18, 1981 by Tom and Lynda Sprouse. Prior to starting Creative Conservation, Mr. Sprouse held the position of sales manager for a leading insulation company. This was during a time when the economy had reached a lull and energy costs skyrocketed. With declining consumer confidence, inflated prices, and low housing starts, economic development had spiraled downward. By 1983, unemployment would reach 9.6%, which is double the rate for most of 2008. The name Creative Conservation is a reflection of these times. With a struggling economy and high-energy costs, Mr. Sprouse felt that there was a need for innovative or creative ways to conserve energy.

Many would advise against starting a construction-related business during this economic turmoil. After hearing this, Tom consulted with his wife Lynda and they decided in partnership to try it for six months. Years later, thanks to Tom and Lynda's strategic management, Creative Conservation is still going strong.

Creative Conservation is a member of the Virginia chapter of the ICAA (Insulation Contractors Associations of America), an organization that focuses on the improvement and technological advances in the insulation industry. Creative Conservation is also a long time member of the Home Builders Association. Now as one of the leaders in the industry, Creative Conservation consistently delivers a quality of service and products that exceed the demand of today's consumer.

In 1999 Tom and Lynda recruited the aid of their son, Thomas. This was done so that the ethics and values will continue now and long into the future. Thomas hopes to continue Creative Conservation's growth through innovative ideas and the utilization of technological advances in the industry.

Creative Conservation is recognized as the industry leader for insulation and waterproofing systems. In 2001 we won Insulation Contractor of the Year by RSI Magazine. We are a member of Icynene's prestigious Gold Circle for 2008-2009. As a pioneer in the spray foam industry, we are consulted on many issues and techniques that affect our industry. We are proud of the employees and quality work that we produce. We will continue to strive for excellence in our industry for years to come.

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The Creative Conservation Hybrid Insulation System for New Homes:

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