Residential Fiberglass Insulation

Since its introduction in 1938, fiberglass insulation has remained one of the most common methods of home insulation. It is available in two forms — rolled batts which are stapled into place or loose-fill which is blown into attic, wall and floor cavities. Both methods provide the same amount of energy performance when installed properly.

The dense fibers of the insulation trap pockets of air, significantly slowing the spread of heat or cold air in your home. A key advantages of fiberglass insulation is that it is one of the least expensive ways to insulate your home while still maintaining a high R-value performance. It has a proven ability to make your home more comfortable and save you money on utility bills.

Some benefits of fiberglass insulation include:

  • Great value
  • Acoustic control
  • High R-Value performance
  • Fire retardant

Loose-fill is also able to be added to existing finished areas, as well as irregularly shaped spaces.

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